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10Web Review! Is Best for You to Create a WordPress Website?

In this article, we are sharing the 10web Review! Is 10web the best hosting for your website? Why I chose it and why I use it is a deep review. So, don’t skip reading any lines.

With the release of 10Web 2.0, an all-in-one platform for making, hosting, and operating WordPress websites, web developers, businesses, and regular users can now considerably speed up their websites for desktop and mobile visitors.

Without having to worry about writing a single line of code, the new platform component ensures a 95+ Google PageSpeed score for all WP websites hosted on 10Web.

The 10Web platform includes all of the essential elements needed to build a WordPress site. Even more, you can manage several websites from a single spot because all of your services are available on one dashboard.

The most interesting thing is that 10web offers 14-day free trials and 30% off the annual premium plans. So don’t worry.

=> Go claim the free trial today.

9.4 Total Score
10Web Review!

10Web is the best host. Before 3 years, I used many hosting services and had many problems, but when I hosted my site with 10Web, I realized it was too good and never had any problems; in fact, 10Web increased the speed of my website. I recommend's full-service package.

Hosting Features
Disk Space
User Friendly
Help & Support
Value for Money
  • 10Web offers a free trial today.
  • Free AI site builder and themes
  • good security features.
  • Automated, real-time backups.
  • Plenty of plugins are available.
  • Free Malware removal.
  • Automated 1-click migration.
  • 12 data center locations.
  • Good Customer support.
  • Does not offer any free domain.
  • It doesn't come with email hosting.
  • Does not provide hosting managing cPanle.
  • Limited space storage & visitor's limit.
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10Web Review – What They Offer?

SPEED238 ms for June 2022 average.
UPTIME99.9% uptime in June 2022.
SUPPORT24/7 Live chat, ticket & email
FEATURESFree SSL, real-time backups, intuitive dashboard, image optimization, 95+ page speed, 12 data centers, and much more.
OUR VERDICTHighest quality & first leading WordPress hosting.
APPSWordPress only.
SITE TRANSFERYes! the 10web offer 1 click-free migration of your site.
Pricing ModelAnnual Subscription, Free, Monthly Payment.
Money Back Guaranteethey offer 30 days only.
Customer TypeAll, Small Business or bloggers, Web Hosting, Bloggers, Freelancers, Developer, Entrepreneur, Small business, Medium business, Large enterprises
systemFast Web Hosting, Managed Cloud Hosting Platform, Web hosting

If you’re seeking a quick, entertaining way to create WordPress websites but haven’t been able to discover anything promising, 10Web is an all-in-one solution you should check out right away. The 10Web dashboard is well-liked by WordPress website owners and offers the essential components for a successful website.

Starting the beginning 10Web is a platform for creating WordPress websites that is all-inclusive. It contains 10 elements that, taken together, provide your WordPress website with practically everything it needs to stand out:

1. Handled Hosting: Every part of your website is completely managed in addition to the secure, quick, and scalable Google cloud, so you don’t have to worry about loading times or visitor numbers.

The finest WordPress page builder built on Elementor is 10Web Website Builder. Without writing a word of code, you can create the website of your dreams.

2. (NEW!) 95+ Google PageSpeed Score: The new platform component ensures that all WP websites hosted on 10Web will load quickly and with a higher score.

3. Beautiful Design: Create an appealing website quickly and easily with 20+ ready-made, sleek, and optimized themes.

4. Plugins: There are more than 50 useful paid plugins and extensions for WordPress, including ones for making website forms, photo galleries, Instagram feeds, and event calendars.

5. Backup Solution: The most cutting-edge, yet intuitively used one-click backup service with schedule option, differential, and real-time backups, which will save you time and space and ensure complete information security.

6. High-Class Security: By scanning your website and providing one-click file restoration, you can be sure that it will be protected against flaws and file alterations.

7. Website Speed: With performance graders, image compression, and optimization services, your website will load more quickly than you ever thought possible.

8. Search Engine Optimization / SEO: It helps you find and correct any SEO mistakes, gives you a list of the search terms people used to find your website, and more. With the help of the 10Web Dashboard, you may activate the service with only a few clicks.

9. Analytics: Google Analytics reports to monitor user interaction, website performance, etc.

10. Customer Service: A technical support staff is available around the clock to assist with any issues you may be having.

11. Website Migration: last but not least, you may effortlessly move your website to 10Web with 10Web. Automated migration is a fantastic tool that 10Web currently offers. You must first complete three steps to link your website to 10Web.

Then, returning to your 10Web dashboard, select Speed Up Your Website from the left menu bar (top). After that, click “Copy My Website.” The only thing left to do is select a subdomain or, if you already have one, enter it. And decide which of the eight data centers is the most convenient for your target audience. Done!

How Does the 10Web Dashboard Work?

The 10Web dashboard is the ideal location for managing website creation modules, tracking hosting speeds, accessing plugins and extras, improving picture quality, and adding new features.

Your website may still be managed from the WP dashboard. You may install and update every component of your website from here. The dashboard’s goal is to simplify users’ ability to modify, update, and alter things. Find its main components below.

10web dashboard

10Web WP Builder :

You can create whole websites with the 10Web Builder, all in one spot. For Elementor, 10Web has created premium widgets that make the process of creating websites easier and more imaginative. Since Elementor is now the greatest page builder, the selection of page builders is ideal. The third-party plugin Elementor is now available for download from the WordPress plugins directory. What distinguishes their page builder from others’? 10Web Elementor components are the solution. Let’s investigate it.

Template Library: To help you rapidly establish a website, 10Web has prepared a brand-new selection of pre-made website templates that can be imported. Customers are not yet able to use this service, but they will soon be able to.

Widgets Library: You will receive premium Elementor widgets, so you won’t need to purchase a third-party plugin in order to access more modules in the Elementor page builder. The most popular and necessary modules have been thoughtfully built by the team, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

As part of your purchase of 10Web, you will receive the following elements: Posts, Pricing Table, Flip Box, CTA, Countdown, Photo Gallery, Form Maker, Slider, Title, Post / Archive Title, Post Excerpt, Post Content, Featured Image, Site Logo, Post Info, Post Archive, Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, Posts Navigation, and many more.

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Managed WordPress Hosting :

The flawless functioning of managed WordPress hosting is due to the fact that it has been specially modified for the WordPress platform. The days of painstakingly configuring everything to optimize the speed of a website are long gone. Everything is all set up for you; all you have to do is install it and get to work on your company.

Therefore, let’s examine 10Web characteristics and their usefulness.

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Staging Environment: It makes a copy of your website that you can use to test out all the changes before making them live. This makes it easier to make sure the website you publish live is ideal for consumers.

Multiple Data Centers: The usage of several data centers by 10Web guarantees quicker data transit between the user and the server by utilizing data centers on four separate continents.

10 Days Backup: Your website’s backups are automatically created by the server and stored for 10 days. As a result, in the event of data loss over the preceding 10 days, you may quickly access the backup of your website.

SSD Powered: Their servers are SSD-powered, which increases data transfer rates and page loading times for websites hosted on them.

In-Built Caching Service: The 10Web hosting plans include the Nginx Fast CGI caching technology, which speeds up your website’s performance and improves its Google ranking.

Free SSL Certificate: With a free SSL certificate, you can provide all of your websites with a better degree of protection. Google also advises adopting SSL since it fosters user confidence.

Installing Plugins :

Visit the 10Web Dashboard to begin managing and installing plugins. Then click the Manage icon next to the website you want to change. You will have access to the resources, services, and goods made available by 10Web.

You may access and modify every plugin that has been installed on your WordPress site using the options under the Plugins tab. If you haven’t yet installed any 10Web plugins, click the Add Plugins button.

All of the 10Web plugins that are currently available will be displayed in a popup box. You may upload a plugin file to install it, install plugins from the WordPress repository, or even install 10Web plugins.

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Next to the plugin, you want to add to your WordPress website, click the Install option. If you have the free versions of 10Web plugins installed, click Upgrade to Premium to unlock all of their capabilities.

You may add any WordPress plugin to your website using the tools on the Upload and WordPress Repository tabs of this toolbox.

10Web offers 50+ premium plugins and extensions for the Photo Gallery, Google Maps WD, WordPress Form Maker, Event Calendar WD, Ecommerce WD, etc. to enable you to increase the functionality of your WordPress site.

Installing Themes :

Go to the Themes page on your 10Web dashboard to start modifying, editing, and updating the themes on your website. The Active Theme section ought to include a listing of the current theme. In the All Themes area, you may browse through any theme you’ve installed and made ready to use.

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You may change the active theme, delete themes, preview themes, upload theme files, install themes from the WordPress repository, and other things here.

In addition to themes, you can quickly employ pre-made templates that have been optimized and can help you achieve a Google PageSpeed Score of 95 or higher.

Using 10Web’s SEO Service :

The range of SEO tools offered by is one of its greatest features. They are made to assist WordPress website owners in boosting their sites’ online visibility and obtaining the coveted 95+ Google PageSpeed Score. The SEO suite is simple to use and takes around a minute to set up.

To enable the service, you must first click the Activate SEO Plugin button. Once opened, the 10Web SEO optimization tab will check your WordPress site for any potential SEO mistakes.

In the Overview section of the 10Web dashboard, you’ll see a detailed report outlining areas that might want improvement. You can even connect an SEO Moz account to your website and the 10Web dashboard.

This is a fantastic approach to showing important indicators and monitoring performance. To obtain a complete view of how your site is performing and how it may be performing better, don’t forget to go to the Search Console and Search Analytics reports.

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10web Backup Service :

You may choose another choice, such as Gdrive, Dropbox, MS Azure, etc. 10Web by default stores your backups in Amazon S3, which keeps data incredibly safe and quick to recover in the future. Additionally, you may instantly download your backups and upload them anywhere.

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So how does it function? Enter your 10Web dashboard and navigate to the Backups section. Wait for the list of backup choices to display after selecting Enable Now.

You are now prepared to begin generating a backup. Select the portions of the webpage you wish to copy by going to the Settings tab. There are two choices: databases and files.

When you choose the database, duplicate MySQL tables are created and protected. If you check the files, the backup will have copies of every file on your website. Alternatively, enable database and file backups.

The default setting for backups is once per week. You may change this setting, though, to suit your needs. Smaller websites with average traffic volumes might not require more frequent backups than this. Learn more about backups by reading the complete article here.

Image Optimization :

Carefully prepared photos are a great way to increase the online performance of a WordPress website. You may automate most or all of the picture optimization process using the 10Web dashboard. Toggle this option on, and go to the Image Optimizer tab.

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The following three quick and simple forms of optimization are offered by the 10Web Image Optimization service:

Conservative (light reduction)

  • Reduces image size by up to 20%,
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures,
  • Keeps full-size images.

Balanced (lossy reduction)

  • Reduce image size up to 60%,
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 90%,
  • Doesn’t keep EXIF data of the images,
  • Doesn’t keep full-sized images.
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To get a more thorough explanation, check out the “How Does It Work?” link. You’ll get the chance to directly contrast the outcomes of three image optimization options and use them to select the best one.

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The 10Web Dashboard gives you thorough Statistics and the Last Optimization history when the optimization procedure is complete.

This is an effective technique to gauge how well your photos are working and determine whether changing them might increase traffic to your site and your search engine rating. Turn on the Auto Optimize feature if you want your WordPress site’s uploaded images to be automatically optimized.

Enable Security Service :

One of the most important factors is security, and 10Web places a lot of focus on it. Turn it on under the 10Web dashboard’s Security tab. A thorough site scan is an excellent place to start. It will highlight any issues or obvious vulnerabilities and explain how to address them. Simply choose Run Scan from the menu.


You may toggle on and off specific components of the scan, such as WordPress or plugin vulnerabilities, under the Settings page. It is advised to leave all of these switches turned on.

You may get a list of all the most recent modifications to your files under the Issues page. When viewing individual files, you may inspect particular modifications and, if you disagree with the actions performed by the automatic security system, even go back and undo changes.

Clicking Ignore next to any modification you want to maintain and are pleased with is a good idea. This will prevent them from turning up in further security checks. Additionally, you may find them under the Ignored Issues tab.

WordPress vulnerabilities are simple to fix because the 10Web dashboard monitors and alerts users to known problems. If you identify one on your website, you can quickly remedy it thanks to the list of common WordPress and plugin flaws it provides. Run a security check to find vulnerable locations.

If there are problems, they will be listed under the heading “Vulnerabilities.” Additionally, you may enable scheduling for security scans, which can be configured to begin every day, every week, or every month.

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Performance Check :

Monitoring performance is the greatest approach to guarantee that your website functions properly and remains accessible. Another step that your 10Web dashboard can help you with is this one. Make sure the Performance tab is selected and turned on by choosing Enable Now.

Before providing you with any important metrics, if this is your first time using the service, it will run an automatic performance scan.

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The basic scan is automated. By selecting the Check Now option, more scans can be run. You can repeat this as frequently as necessary. It creates a collection of performance measures and takes a few minutes to complete.

They consist of performance grade (a final score), page load speed, total page size, and requests made in total:

  • The performance grade is an overall assessment of all the elements that contribute to the effectiveness of your website.
  • The duration takes for your website to fully load is shown by the page load time.
  • The total page size reveals the size of the landing page for your website.
  • The total number of requests reveals how many assets are on your website.

These are the four primary metrics that you need to pay attention to and keep working to get better at. Moreover, 10Web offers assistance. The Recommendations section is located in the middle of your screen.


You can view all the suggested steps you may take to enhance the functionality of your website on the Page Speed panel.

You can optimize a variety of particular recommendations, but they are structured as follows:

  • You’ll notice the specific action you can do in the center.
  • Additionally, every single issue’s current grade will be displayed.
  • You can see the categories to which these problems belong on the right, including Best Practice, Performance, or Accessibility.
  • By clicking on each problem, you may get a submenu with further information.

By doing this, you may spend less time finding each individual problem that’s hurting your website and more time addressing it.

10web Customer Support :

The 10Web support staff is prepared with all the required knowledge to assist you in resolving your problems at any time. enjoy Dedicated Chat Workspace and LiveChat Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with access to our engineers.

In my experience, this is a great WordPress company, I tried many hosting services, but after using 10web, I believe it is good for me. They always help me create WordPress sites and migrate my websites. It’s part of great customer support. I got the first reply within minutes. Thanks a lot.

10Web Hosting Plans :

No matter what kind of website you have, what your budget is, or anything else, 10Web has 5 distinct options to make sure you receive what you need. Plans include:

Personal ($10/mo for annual)

  • Hosted 1 website
  • 25k monthly visitors
  • 5GB SSD storage
  • Effortless site builder
  • 30+ 10web premium widgets
  • Entre website made from widgets
  • 40GB storage of WP backup
  • Image Optimizer 20,000 images/mo
  • Use All Premium Cancellation

Premium ($24/mo for annual)

  • Hosted 3 website
  • 100k monthly visitors
  • 10GB SSD storage
  • Effortless site builder
  • 30+ 10web premium widgets
  • 40GB storage of WP backup
  • Image Optimizer 80,000 images/mo
  • Use All Premium Cancellation

Agency ($60/mo for annual)

  • Hosted 10 website
  • 400k monthly visitors
  • 40GB SSD storage
  • Effortless site builder
  • 30+ 10web premium widgets
  • 140GB storage of WP backup
  • Image Optimizer 250,000 images/mo
  • Use All Premium Cancellation

Custom (at the request)

  • Hosted Custom website
  • Custom monthly visitors
  • Custom SSD storage
  • Effortless site builder
  • 30+ 10web premium widgets
  • Custom storage of WP backup
  • Image Optimizer Custom images/mo
  • Use All Premium Cancellation

Builder Plan ($25/mo for annual)

  • Hosted Unlimited website
  • Unlimited monthly visitors
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Effortless site builder
  • 90+ 10web Basic & Pro Widgets
  • Custom storage of WP backup
  • Unlimited Image Optimizer/mo
  • Use All Premium Cancellation

Here is a description of what each of 10Web’s price tiers includes. Signup for a plan right here.

10web plan price

10Web – Final Words!

WordPress is popular. You may establish blogs, launch online stores, and develop websites for a variety of purposes. To construct even a basic WordPress site, you also need resources and time. Finding a reputable hosting provider, suitable plugins, and excellent themes is not simple.

The 10Web platform offers everything needed to quickly develop and host WordPress websites. You may get everything you want in one spot for your WordPress website.

In my experience 10Web is a good uptime hosting provider if you don’t believe me then try a 14-day free trial. Otherwise, if you looking for cheap Web Hosting with a free domain then go with, Bluehost, Hostinger, Dreamhost, and Hostgator. I think is good for a beginner blogger.

The final one. If you have any queries at any point, feel free to peruse the 10Web blog, which is filled with a wealth of informative content.

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