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My name is MD TARIKUL MOLLA I am a blogger I started this blog in 2019 this site actually name is “couponcode101” but for some reason recently I have changed my site name and domain name which are currently live. My target is this blog under I updating website build all tools and all digital product review or best deal discount offer to helping on all blogger friends.

This is short about of my blog!

And myself,

Me Tarikul owner of this “Reviewgot.com”, I am from Indian in Kolkata (Berachampa), I have complete my study in 2017, and this time I watch a youtube video and do video under ‘technical gurugy” talk about how to make an app and earn money online?

Does time suddenly click in my youtube search bar and search how do i make an app and I earn money online? this time I show lot of video and i start watching 1/1 video and gain some for app builder knowledge and finally, I start to build an app in thankable or makroid app development website and finally I build a google Adsense ad clickbait referral app and i have share app my friends and tell him to use my app and click in ads.

After 1 day i show AdSense account $10 i fill like very happy i have to share my more friends tell to click after 1 month finally i receive absence pin in my home after 1 month i resive my first payment $145, and this time i fill life ok but this happiness valid is very short time that i don’t know.

Because next month 21 my Adsense account is banned and this moment i fill what is this because this time i don’t know why banned my account? then i have sent an email/appeal form for the google AdSense support team, why disable my account? after 1 day i receive an email and does the email clearly tell your account to suspend reason is you are invalid clicked your ads.

This time I realize it’s spamming, so after 1 day again I watch the account saving video get more knowledge, and I created a new Adsense account or again start to build an application and upload it on the play store.

This time my earning is started but very low so this time i apply a plan to share any app link on Facebook and any other social media platform and i get 1k download, and this app thought every day i earn a good amount of money per day but before coming to my payment again my absence account & play store account permanently disabled.

This time I realize this app development not perfect for me because i don’t know coding plus did not have any computer to me so how to i trying coding………???????????

The writing is still going on, so if you want to know the whole thing, check back in a few days.
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