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Affiliate Booster Review! Is The Best Plugin For WordPress?

In this Affiliate Booster review article, I have shared all the details. like, which is the best plugin to do affiliate marketing?—a plugin that, once installed, you won’t need a lot of plugins because Google recently released a core update in which Google clearly stated that if you want your website to load quickly, if you do, then I will rank your website.

If your website is loading slowly, it does not have good rankings on Google. And in this case, the most intelligent solution for you to make the website load fast is to uninstall all those plugins from your website that are not retired, as I have recently done. I have uninstalled all the plugins from my website, and it has increased the speed of my site very well.

So in today’s article, we will learn about one such plugin and see how it is going to help you. Let’s start with this topic.

So the name of the plugin we are going to talk about is Affiliate Booster.

8.7 Total Score
Affiliate Booster Review!

Affiliate Booster is the best WordPress plugin for bloggers and developers. The plugin helps you increase your website speed because this one plugin provides you with over 25 different blocks and layouts that will help you get more affiliate sales. It launched in June 2020 and was established by Mr. Kulwant Nagi.

Ease of use
Theme Quality
  • Fast web page loading speeds.
  • Over 25 different blocks.
  • Easy enable/disable blocks.
  • Completely mobile responsive.
  • It is beginner-friendly.
  • fully customizable blocks.
  • No coding is required.
  • No Amazon API integration.
  • The FAQ block is not available.
  • No geo-targeting.
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Their free plan included ten Gutenberg blocks such as these:

  • Single Product Block.
  • Pros and Cons Block.
  • Star Rating Block.
  • Notice Block.
  • Notification Block.
  • Button Block.
  • Call to Action Block.
  • Coupons Block.

Affiliate Booster WordPress Plugin

So what do you have to do? is go to your WordPress dashboard Plugins option and click on Add New and search here Affiliate Booster.

When you search Affiliate Booster, you will get this plugin. Here you will see click on install nine and now we will install and activate this plugin.

Affiliate Booster Plugin Install

So after installing or activating this plugin, it will redirect you here, where you can see all the free blocks. And here you see that there are paid versions of the plugin as well.

So now we will only see the free version and see if there is any feature in it and if we can do anything then what do we?

Affiliate Booster Free Blocks Available

Now go to the post and click on add new here Anyone makes a demo article because we just have to explore the features of the plugin. So here title section I write the name Affiliate Marketing plugin!

Affiliate Booster Add Now

We remove the booster plugin here, so how do you do that? There is a plus button on the top; here we will click it, and then on the side, you will get all the blocks!

So we’ll scroll down, and here we’ll find out there are seven blocks, First, let’s see what you can do with the block’s button; here’s one of mine; now, after this one, let’s add a new blog, We’ll add all the blocks one by one, and then we’ll explore all the blocks, What are the features in each block?

Have I added a star rating?

After that, we add the notice block; what about it?

And then we are going to add a single product block! And then going to add a conclusion, a call to action, and one by one all of them.

Affiliate Booster Free Block Add Now

Here I first see the button block which is how it is going to help you then click on the button block here all the settings are on the side button If I go to the settings.

You can also round this particular button, here you want to add anything to Rail, because now Google has said that if you are doing affiliate links, then you will have to add Real Sponsor now. I’ll write here!

Affiliate Booste Some Block We Have Add

Button Block :

So, as soon as I type “sponsored,” this button, which was my button with the name “sponsored,” you can open it in a new type, make it medium, big, extra big, or make this button flexible; it is entirely up to you which type of button you want to put on your website.

Button shadow is also there; you can enable or disable the shadow of the button, change the color of the shadow, and go into typography. If you want to change this particular font, you can also change the font’s color!

There is a very interesting setting in the colors, What I have done in the background type, is look at the gradient. Now that the full gradient has been made, you can do it in your blog, in the call to action, or anywhere else. Click the link to see all the block demos.

Stars Block :

If you are doing a review, you can add a star there, if you want 10 stars, 10 stars have been done, you want the size of the star to be bigger; you can change the spacing in the star, you have to reduce it more, make it less specific. You can do the alignment and change the color of the stars as well.

If you are doing a review, you can add a star there, if you want 10 stars, 10 stars have been done; you want the size of the star to be bigger; you can change the spacing in the star; you have to reduce it more; you have to make it less specific. You can do the alignment and change the color of the stars as well.

Notice Block :

Now in the articles notice block, it may be less to give a conclusion in a particular article, and it may be less to give a price here, according to your creativity, you can do this blog anywhere, then I will go to the journal setting now. you can box-shadow enable disable to title settings!

Here in the title setting, it is given a paragraph, so if you do h2 h3, then this one, which is the title, will also be in your table of contents. In the content setting, you can also list items.

Pros and Cons Block :

It will come help in your affiliate article, so here you can write the features of any product benefits of this product! And here I write the pros and cons of the Product will do! You can change these icons according to your need!

Which icon can also be changed in the same way, whatever you want to change? And you can change their colors also, the color of the PROS icon is also green. There is also a more interesting setting in this block.

Affiliate Booster Pros And Cons Block

Product Block :

This product block, which is an amazing block, is a very interesting block, You will add any image, add features of the product, type the name of the product, add the title, and all the features.

There is also an interesting setting in this block, you can switch it to a paragraph by going to the content set. It has according to your need, you can explain it in the form of a paragraph, and also list the features, it is all dependent on your linking, and how you want to explain the product.

Yes, and they have given all those settings in this, you can change the colors, you can change the color of the title, the color of the content of the subtitle, and the background color of the box can also be changed.

So in your blog, as you like it you can add it!

Affiliate Booster Offer Block

So, you can add 10 awesome blocks articles to your free version, and your income will increase for a site because the designs that grab your attention, whoever your readers are, crop their attention, and when the reader clicks on this link of yours, you will see a higher CTR with this click-through rate, and more people will click.

So, which thing are more people going to buy? This highly recommended plugin will help you track your rankings and increase your sales! Using Day by Day!

Affiliate Booster Plugin Price :

Check the price of premium plugins to get more than 25+ blocks here. They offer the plugin in three types of plans, which you can buy for a single website or multiple websites. All plans include the same features, as like;

  • Conclusion Block.
  • Coupon Block.
  • Progress Bars.
  • Table of Content Block.
  • Call to Action Block.
  • Good and Bad Features Block.
  • Top Picked Product Block.
  • Comparison Table Block.
  • List Items Block.
  • 3 Product Table Blocks.
  • Single Product Pros Cons.
  • Top Pick Specs.
  • Single Product Specs.
  • Advanced Settings.
  • Frequent Updates.
  • 1 Year of Updates.
  • 1 Year of Support.

1. Single Site : $39 per Year (Perfect for new affiliates.)

2. 25 Sites : $49 per Year (Perfect for expert affiliates.)

3. 50 Sites : $69 per Year (Perfect for super affiliates.)

Affiliate Booster Plugin Price.

Conclusion: My simple suggestion is that if you are serious about affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you buy their premium plan, and if you are new or just entering the field, you can go with a free version after you upgrade it.

Save 25% OFF on The Premium Plugin.

Now claim the special offer and grab a deal on the affiliate booster premium plugin and save 25% with updates and free support available.
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FAQ About Affiliate Booster?

  1. Is Affiliate Booster Theme Free Download?

    Yes, the Affiliate Booster theme is available to free download for all new bloggers but their free version has they include limited features. I think their free version is best for a newbie.

  2. Can I Affiliate Booster Plugin Free Download?

    Of Course, you can download the Affiliate Booster plugin free version which offers 10 Gutenberg blocks to create stunning designs with ease. If you buy their premium plan then you get 28 Pre-Made Gutenberg blocks for only $39 per year for a single site.

  3. Is Affiliate Booster Safe to Use Free Version?

    Yes, is Affiliate Booster free version fully safe, if you download their official website. Otherwise, if you download the Affiliate Booster theme or plugin to another third-party site, then I can not guarantee them. but their official free version is fully safe, just not including the maximum features.

  4. Is Affiliate Booster Worth It?

    In my case, I see it as 100% worth for me because after installing that I see my website affiliate sales and page load has increased. And the plugin has not cost-effective for a single site becuse they offer their premium theme and plugin for only $59 per year and only plugins come on $39 per year. In my opinion, if you buy their premium plan then you will earn this kind of money in under 1 week.

  5. Is Affiliate Booster Legal in India?

    Yes, the affiliate booster is 100% legal in India. Because it’s just a theme and plugin which works only online fill to make a good wordpress website. Even when you buy the theme you automatically get your GST tax paid. it does not matter where you are located.

  6. Is Affiliate Booster Alternative?

    Yes, some of the plugins are available for Affiliate Booster alternatives, just like; GetAAWP and WPCoupon but that plugins come with low features. But if you buy the Rehub theme then you will get dose all the features even more extra which is come $59 for a lifetime. You can try it, becuse does website I use this Rehub theme.

  7. Is Affiliate Booster Can do Anything?

    Definitely, you can do anything to use the affiliate booster theme & plugin to make an affiliate website. You can create Pros and Cons block, comparison blocks, topic block, table and content, star rating, single product, process bar, notification, good and bad, conclusion, listings, button, call to action, coupon, and other types of block. So, you can use all blocks on your website and you can make more and more affiliate sales and see your blogs like a good design.

  8. Is Affiliate Booster Offer Lifetime Deal?

    No, the Affiliate booster has no offer of any lifetime or monthly deal, they offer only yearly deals on their all plan.

  9. Is Affiliate Booster Compatible With any Theme?

    Yes, the Affiliate booster plugin is fully compatible with any theme, such as; WP Astra, Generatepress, Themify, AccessPress, and other popular themes. it does not matter if your theme is free or premium, just needs responsive only.

  10. They Do Offer Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, They offer a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee! But the refund policy condition is after buying 48 hours, and at least five to seven (5-7) days to process your return.

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