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7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives (with Better + Cheap Pricing) Yes!

Are you looking for Mailchimp alternatives for your email service provider Mailchimp used to be the industry favorite however recently with price changes quality? issues as well as the fact that they were recently acquired by intuit many people are searching for alternatives.

So in this article, I will talk about the seven best Mailchimp alternatives that you can use for your business today.

So let’s dive in :

1. Constant ContactStarting at $20/moUp to 30% off
2. SendinblueGet $20/monthFlat 20% off
3. HubSpotDeal at $50/monthSave 10% Off
4. ConvertkitOnly $9/monthFlat 25% off
5. AweberGet $19.99/monthSave 19.2%
6. DripClaim only $19/mo14-day trial
7. MailerLiteGrab $10/month30% discount

Best Mailchimp Alternatives Email Marketing Tools

Constant Contact

$0/mo $20
Buy Constant Contact only $0 1st month.
Use The Reviewgot coupon code and save up to 30% off.

Constant Contact I believe it is one of the best email marketing services for small businesses and non-profits why because their support is really good you can call their phone and talk with the support team and there is somebody that will be there to help you now outside of support they have all the powerful features you need to create and send a professional email newsletter they have a drag and drop editor they have all the marketing automation features they have the ability to a b test you know you can even resend emails to non-openers people who don’t open your emails to get a better result get more.

Click-throughs and all the tools that you would need they have been launching some e-commerce solutions and really advanced um offerings with their recent acquisition that they did now what I like about constant contact, uh you know over Mailchimp it has a lot of integrations works with all the popular wordpress plugins like – Optinmonster and wp forms and so on,  but overall the support is just unmatched when you compare with other free email marketing services that exist.


$0/mo $20
Get started with Sendinblue for free.
Use the ‘RG’ discount link and get an extra 20% off.

Is Sendinblue this is a powerful email marketing and sms marketing service for businesses now it’s packed with a lot of functionality you can create your email newsletters like you expect you can do email marketing automation you can do sms campaigns landing pages do Facebook ads live chat and a lot more their personalized marketing automation solution this lets you send unlimited emails to targeted audiences based on the user behavior now.

it comes with an easy email builder and it’s great for email deliverability which is a hugely important feature to boost your email marketing campaigns their platform can also help you do transactional emails so someone purchases something you can send out your transactional emails after they’ve made the purchase and things like that Sendinblue makes an excellent

Alternative to Mailchimp with additional features like sms marketing like I said as well as a live chat software for your site they also offer more fairly priced plans and they also have a forever plan you can check out a link in the Sendinblue discount or you can also use our coupon code to claim a free email marketing account.


$0/mo $50
Signup & access HubSpot’s tools for free.
Save 10% Off HubSpot annual plans.

Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to help grow your business except it offers a lot of advanced functionalities now one of the reasons why small medium and even enterprise customers choose HubSpot is because their marketing platform you know not just include email marketing but they have CRM they have automation workflows.

They have sales tools they have a website builder they have an operations hub and a whole lot more right so when you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative because as you know over the years Mailchimp has tried to do just about everything but it doesn’t do so well.

Hubspot actually excels and do those things really well like having a really powerful CRM which helps you deliver a more personalized user experience uh in inside your email but also on your website which helps you get more sales uh better conversion rate of course their platform includes the features like ;

Autoresponders strip email campaigns a b testing, and landing page that you would expect from just about every email marketing service that is out there but other than that they also have live chat have pop-ups have contact forms and tons of other growth tools that are built into Hubspot to help you grow your email list now one of the cool things about it.

Hubspot is they don’t really force you to use any of their tools you can just pick one of the modules or use all the modules um they seamlessly integrate with wordpress Woocommerce just about every other e-commerce platform and web platform including many of our own tools like it seamlessly integrates with Optinmonster or formidable forms or wp forms or member press etc now.

Hubspot is a fantastic MailChimp competitor, in my opinion, if you’re searching for an all-in-one marketing platform that really can increase with your company if you’ve outgrown Mailchimp. That’s why so many small businesses and even enterprise clients select Hubspot.


$0/mo $9
Signup & get free for up to 1,000 subscribers.
Annual plan offers two months free & plan only $7.50/mo.

Convertkit is a very popular email marketing service provider for things like blogs for people like bloggers authors and creators they really niched down to really focus on them they famously launched their brand with the slogan the power of information with the ease of Mailchimp.

So really great way to market themselves and anchor themselves amongst really big names out there now they offer advanced automation features you can send automated MLS based on user behavior which is very important.

if you want to segment your audience then this allows you to segment them even further and tag them with things depending on how they interact with your emails they also offer drag and drop landing page builder with beautiful landing page templates and customizable forms now.

They also integrate with a lot of popular third-party CRM software also integrate very well with lead generation tools like; Optinmonster or maybe e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify and things like that they are a great alternative to Mailchimp with powerful marketing automation platforms for the marketers the bloggers and the creators out there.


$0/mo $19.99
Sign Up & get 500 Subscribers free.
Save 19.2% on Aweber annual plans.

is Aweber now Mailchimp and Aweber kind of go hand in hand they’ve both been around for a very long time and in the old days you either was using Mailchimp or you were using Aweber.

So, if you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative that kind of gives you a doa functionality you can use Aweber they have all the features that you would expect like a drag and drop email builder beautiful email templates for your newsletter smart unsubscribe, management email analytics list, segmentation and a ton of automation, tools they’ve also added a lot of features like a b split testing and more.

if you’re looking for a direct you know apple to apple comparison of Mailchimp and an alternative then Aweber is the place to go deal here.


$0/mo $19
Sign Up & free manage 1-1500 contacts.
The premium plan gets a 14-day free trial.

Drip is a great email marketing automation service specifically for e-commerce stores it features things like – multi-channel touchpoints.

So if you’re in com in e-commerce you know all about that helps you reach your customers by sending emails and sms text messages their specialty allows you to store and manage information users based on their interactions on your website and then they have an API script that allows you to collect user data and store it in tags events and custom fields further more.

Their automation workflow builder helps you automate the whole process of reaching out to customers in the most impactful time that they’re ready to buy or ready to do something on their buying journey with advanced personalization you can use client data to create custom discount codes you can do product recommendations price drop notifications and all of this is based on how the user is interacting with your emails or with your website.

If you want to integrate your email marketing service with e-commerce solutions then they can do that with Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify they do it very well, and then so then drip is the best Mailchimp alternative if you have an e-commerce focused website.


$0/mo $10
14-day trial to premium features.
Get Annual plan cost flat 30% discount.

Is Mailer Light one of the reasons why Mailer Lite grew in popularity uh as a Mailchimp alternative is because not only does it have a beginner-friendly email editor and pre-made email templates but they also have a free plan which lets you um you know sign up and use their service for up to a thousand subscribers for free aside from the email marketing features.

They also have other features like landing pages and pop-ups and embedded sign up forms that help you grow your email list they along with that you know once you have that email list you can use the powerful email automation the segmentation and personalization features to target the right user at the right time so you can get more sales and more conversions.

in Mailerlite they’ve been really working on improving their real-time reporting tools so you can analyze your marketing efforts and then use that data to run the maybe test to improve your email campaign as well.

Which is the Best Mailchimp Alternative?

So if you’re looking for an alternative for Mailchimp that has some free offering mailer lite is a great choice as well great so now that you know.

The seven ones that we recommend you might be wondering which one would be best in certain situations so let’s cover that a little bit overall for small businesses.

We think Constant Contact is the best email marketing service provider out there and a great alternative to Mailchimp it just simply does so much for you simply and easily along with the call-in phone support that you can use with them now if you’re looking for a forever free plan then you want to take a look at Sendinblue as they offer.

One of those for you as well and then if you’re looking for an alternative for say bloggers maybe better automation workflows then the three that we recommend for automation things like -that is HubSpot, Convertkit as well as Sendinblue and then if you’re looking for a Mailchimp alternative for e-commerce Woo-commerce or other e-commerce platforms then look at Drip to do all that automation for your transactional emails as well and now.

if you’re looking for a way to capture email on your website take a look at this article as I walk you through two different methods that you can use to easily capture email on your website and I’ll see you over there.

We hope the article helped you to select the best Mailchimp alternatives? if your answer is yes! then I recommend you to share the article on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, & subscribe to the Youtube Channel & comment below.

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