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7 Best Podcast Hosting Platform – Available on Free & Paid

Many of you have asked what is the best podcast hosting platform (provider) out there so I will cover and compare the top podcast hosting services out there that you can choose today for your podcast.

Now choosing a reliable podcast service is crucial to helping your podcast grow because they, not only store but also help deliver all of your podcast files Podcast files can get really large and so you want something that is reliable they also have backups they also are able to distribute your podcast to other places.

So you can grow it so in this article I will cover the top podcast services and we’ll compare them so you can pick the one that works best for you.

Find Best Podcast Hosting Platform

So let’s dive in :




Is PodBean they are one of the best podcasting hosting service provider on the market because they offer unlimited podcast hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth which is a huge thing their tool comes with beautiful design options which give you customizable themes you can easily embed the PodBean podcast player directly inside your wordpress blog post wordpress pages.

If you’re embedding your podcast on your site that’s a huge plus aside from that they also have some podcast promotion tools which automatically submit your episodes to all of the top podcast directories this allows your audience to use their preferred tools to listen.

So if I’m using the Apple podcast player I can get data and listen to your podcast and somebody else is using a different podcast player you know they will be able to download the podcast there and one last thing that they have is they have an advertising marketplace which provides opportunities for you the podcaster to monetize your content that’s why they have a huge community of podcasters um using their podcasting platform and they have a free plan which is also a big plus.



Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

Is Buzzsprout and they’ve been around since 2009 and they’re one of the easiest to use podcasting hosting providers for beginners they have a huge strong community and it includes some of the top influencers and podcasters out there now if you’re looking to just get started then you’ll find it incredibly easy to use you just have to upload your media file and they take care of every everything else.

They’ll also automatically submit your episodes to all of the top podcasting directories and that makes sure that your podcast will be available on all devices and apps out there their embeddable podcast player looks really good across all devices and screen sizes and it shows things like the cover art your social sharing buttons you can do forward-backward and so much more with it.

They also offer a free wordpress plugin that makes it super easy to embed on your wordpress website now if you don’t want to make a website just yet that’s okay they can help you out you can customize the design and they’ll create a website for you you can even create a custom domain with it the downside is that even all the payment plans have storage and bandwidth issues or limits.



Blubrry Podcast Hosting

is Blubrry or blubbery they are one of the most flexible podcast hosting services out there for both new and experienced podcasters.

I’ve personally been recommending their service for a very long time because they have a wordpress podcasting plugin called power press which is super easy to use it lets you manage your podcast directly from your wordpress website their plugin is running on over 60000 websites they’ve been around for a very long time.

they also allow you to easily submit your podcast to apple podcast and google podcast which means people can easily discover your podcast on google home assistant all the google products on android have monetization options podcast stats social sharing features and everything you would expect from a very established podcast hosting player and one thing I really like about their platform is they have a lot of integrations.

So for example, if you have a membership site using Memberpress you can actually sell access to premium podcasts because Memberpress has native integration with delivery so you can sell you know premium podcast access to your members that’s awesome.



Transistor Podcast Hosting

Transistor is a powerful yet easy to use podcast hosting provider for professionals as well as beginners they offer unlimited podcast hosting plans that means that you won’t get charged for hours of upload as some of the other ones do they also make it incredibly easy to upload your podcast you just publish it and upload your media and publish it.

They also offer podcast analytics so you can see exactly how each episode is performing their embed code allows you to add each episode to your wordpress posts and pages and if you don’t have a website they’ll set one up for you as well now one thing to watch out for is that their plans do limit the number of downloads.

So that means that if you have a larger auto audience coming then you’ll need to upgrade.


Smart Podcast Player

Smart Podcast Player

Is Smart Podcast Player they recently rebranded uh into Fusebox.FM this is uh created by my friend Bittu Mondal and you know it’s not a podcast hosting platform rather it is a podcast player that you embed on your wordpress website it is far better than most podcast hosting services built-in players because it comes with so many design options player controls ability to subscribe ability to get emails you know capture for your to grow your email list social sharing is mobile friendly.

it is really really good and it has the ability to add transcripts and a really robust integration system it’s built by one of the most well-known podcasters out there you know with pat so they’ve built a solution that they’re using a lot of other you know podcasting you know celebrities are using fusebox on their website.

So no matter which one of the podcast hosting services you select from this article you want to use fusebox alongside it.



Libsyn Podcast Hosting

Libsyn is another reliable podcasting hosting service provider they offer an easy use platform that lets your brand be the center of attention it also helps you promote your podcast across all different platform apps and devices they are one of the oldest out there they were started in 2004.

which makes them one of the very first podcast hosting providers out there and it was created by podcasters for podcasters includes some of the most influential podcasters out there now.

they offer podcast hosting plans with different storage limits each month but with a limited bandwidth unlimited bandwidth they also offer monetization detailed analytics wordpress integrations and their plugin is Libsyn publisher hub.



Soundcloud Podcast Hosting

Is SoundCloud now when you think about SoundCloud it’s a music hosting service but you can also use it to host your podcasts and online audio shows

The good thing about it is that you can embed any podcast episode from Soundcloud by simply placing the URL on your wordpress blog posts or pages because they have embed they have a free account that lets you upload up to three hours worth of episodes every month

But after that you do have to start paying the cool part about their paid plans it comes with more storage bandwidth advanced stats monetization, and distribution options it’s super easy to use

If you’re just getting started and you don’t want to pay for any podcast hosting you can try out SoundCloud okay now that.

We’ve covered some of the top 7 Best Podcast Hosting Platform of provider ones with you. if you are interested to make a professional Podcast then I recommend you go deal with their available Podcast Hosting and today lunch your Podcast online.

FAQ About Best Podcast Hosting Provider?

Which is The Best Podcast Hosting Service?

If you did not understand which the best Podcast Hosting for your need? We recommend you PodBean because of my experience its overall best podcast hosting. And this Podcast alternative second recommendation is Buzzsprout as well like the same features.

These two Podcast Hosting Service plan comes with unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, easy to use, podcast monetization, and much more.

What Is The Most Popular Podcast Hosting Platform?

I think PodBean is the Most Popular Podcast Hosting Platform the reason PodBean is a world hug Podcast service provider. We connected more than 590,000+ Podcasters and PodBean include some of the unique fetchers to other Podcast Hosting servicers like – Publish audio & video podcasts, podcast monetization, live audio streaming, Record, edit and publish podcasts, and much more.

What is a good podcast host?

In my opinion, Buzzsprout, PodBean & Captivate is a good podcast host because does all podcast host providers offer podcasts starting for the free trial and after renewal or upgrade opinion available.

How Do You Choose A Podcast Host?

It’s very simple you just read the full post and select any podcast hosting provider and visit their website and check all features which are need for you, how many people work this platform, how many price charges the premium plan, and more. If everything ok with you need then you definitely go purchase the podcast hosting service.

If you ask me which one I recommend you then my answer is Buzzsprout, because I personally use this Buzzsprout Podcast host.

Their available podcast hosting offers a free and paid plan. So if you are a beginner Podcaster then I recommend joining the free plan and after when need to upgrade that you easily upgraded your plan without any hassles.

We hope the article helped you to choose which one is the best Podcast Hosting Platform for you? If your answer is yes! then I recommend sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to help people and follow my Hindi Youtube Channel to know more dips information.

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