Google Pay Nainital Event Quiz Answers Today In India – Win Rs. 5 to 100

In this article, We are sharing Google pay Nainital event quiz answers today In India if you are interested to know what is the correct answer for the Google Pay Nainital event read the full article and Win Rs. 5 to 100.

So why you are waiting to attend India Google pay Nainital event answers and earn free rewards. Gpay go India Nainital city Game quiz answers.

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Google Pay Nainital Event Quiz Answers :

  1. Kaziranga
  2. 200-250
  3. Asiatic lion
  4. All of the above
  5. Ram ganga
  6. Never share your upi pin
  7. Kumaon

Google Pay Nainital Event Answers :

Q.1 – Which of the following lakes are around Nainital?

Ans – All of These

Q.1 – How Many Tigers are there in Jim Corbett National Park?

Ans – 200 – 250

Q.5 – Which sanctuary in India is Known for one-horned rhinoceros?

Ans – Kaziranga

Q.2 – What is the Famous animal to see at the Gir National Park?

Q.3 – Which Himalayan mountain ranges surround Nainital?

Ans – Kumaon

Ans – Asiatic Lion

Q.6 – What was the name of the Jim Corbett National Park earlier?

Ans – Ram Ganga

Q.7 – When You got a call from a tour operator giving you a great deal on a jungle safari. He is asking for your UPI PIN to make a booking on your behalf. You Should :

Ans – Never ever share your UPI PIN

Updating Soon :

1. How can I get Nainital ticket from Google Pay event?

2. How do I pay for a Google event?

3. How can I get free Nainital ticket from Google?

4. How can I get Nainital and Kochi ticket through Google Pay?

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