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How to Install WordPress in Youstable cPanel? Complete Guide

Today in this article we are discussing how to install WordPress in Youstable about this topic. If you are interested in knowing how to install WordPress in cPanel, then don’t skip reading the full article.

because many people don’t know how to install WordPress and how to set-up that the reason we are sharing the article and giving a complete guide for beginners.

So if you are interested in installing WordPress with Youstable hosting and making a blog or website, you first need to buy a hosting plan and a domain name. Know What is web hosting and domain name?

So, deal with the Youstable Hosting DAStart plan and get good hosting with a free domain name to purchase a 3-year plan (Read our Youstable review! DAStart is ideal for beginners). They come with Rs.99 web hosting and this plan offers:

  • Host 1 Website
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 5 GB NVMe SSD
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Control PanelDemo
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 2 Email Accounts
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Daily Backup
  • 24/7 Support

=> Get Deal only Rs. 91/mo.

How to Install WordPress After Buy Youstable Hosting?

Friend, it’s an effortless process, So that is the reason we first know how to buy Youstable hosting, and after buying hosting we know how to install WordPress. ok?

So let’s get started :


How to Buy Youstable Hosting Plan?Buy Youstable Hosting

  1. First, visit for purchase hosting and scroll down the page and select any hosting plan. I recommend buying DAProfessional, but if you are a full beginner then select the DAStart plan and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  2. Next page select “Triennially” or “Annually” which is fit to your budget and enter your domain name to select “Domain Search” to get a free domain.
  3. Next don’t add any extra “Addons”. and scroll the page or enter the promo code, fill in Billing Details, select Payment Method, and click the “Complete Order” button or pay your due payment to finish the deal.

After completing the deal, you will receive a billing receipt in your email and you will redirect your Youstable Dashboard. this dashboard through which you can easily manage your hosting.

We hope you understand how to buy Yostable hosting with a free domain name? If you answer yes then good. otherwise, you visit the Youstable coupon article and get up to 75% off coupon and know properly how to buy Youstable hosting at a cheap price.


How to Install WordPress in Youstable cPanel?Install WordPress.

Before installing wordpress first visit and log in to your account.

After login, your Youstable account and you will see a dashboard like the below image. Just you simply click the “SERVICES” option.

Youstable Y1
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 10

Next, My Products & Services page, you see your actual hosting plan (if you are interested to know about your plan and adding add-ons then click the three-dot and check details) and click your plan to visit the next page.

Youstable Y2
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 11

Next, Managing plan page you will see every detail of your hosting, you just scroll down the page and click “Login to DirectAdmin” to manage your hosting. like installing WordPress and creating the email.

Youstable 3
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 12

When you click “Login to DirectAdmin” then automatically opens a new tab like the below images and this page is Youstable cPanel. Which are basically needed for making a WordPress site, creating the business email, SSL certificate file management, and more managing.

Youstable 4
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 13

After visiting the Youstable Control Panel, scroll down the page and look at Softwarclus or wordpress. if is not found then go up to the page top on the Navigation Filter box or search wordpress, and click it.

Youstable 5
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 14

After Clicking WordPress, you go to the WordPress install page like the below images. you just scroll down the page and click the “Install Now” button.

Youstable 6
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 15

When you click the “Install Now” button then you see the Software Setup page, and this page need for do fill up something :

  1. Choose the Installation URL option, select your perfect URL which domain you are trying to install, and remove “WP” from in Directory option.
  2. Site Settings option enter your site name and your site description.
  3. In the Admin Account section enter your WordPress login username, (strong) password, and admin email.
  4. Choose the Language section, select your language, and which language trying to start a blog.
  5. Select the Plugin(s) section don’t do anything.
  6. Again Advanced Options don’t do anything.
  7. In the Select Theme option, you select a theme to make your required blog or website. (it’s not important).
  8. Next, scroll down the page and enter your email address (Which email you are using the buy Youstable hosting), and click the INSTALL button.
How To Install Wordpress
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 16

After clicking INSTALL the will be starting for the installation process, and when it’s 100% complete then you will see a dashboard like the below image. Which dashboard do you will see your website URL and Administrative URL (Login URL). You just click the link to visit your website or log in to your WordPress account to manage WordPress.

Youstable 9
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 17

So if you click the first link then you will visit your website and if click the second link then you will go to WordPress Dashboard like the below images. Otherwise, you can write your domain name and type /wp-admin/ like: and simply enter your user name or password and go to your dashboard and install new WordPress themes, your need best plugins or manage your site.

Wp Dashboard
how to install wordpress in youstable cpanel? complete guide 18

After visiting your wordpress dashboard go install your needed theme, plugins, and write new posts, create pages to click all separate sections. Use Elementor to make a beautiful website, and check 100+ WordPress product deals to your need.

Know – How to Install WordPress Themes and Plugins?

Why I Choose Youstable Hosting?

Thair are so many reasons to choosing on Youstable hosting, in my experience is a good hosting provider at an affordable price. For over 1 year I use their hosting and I fill very good I never face any downtime and I always get 24/7 hours of support users 2 minutes after contact on LiveChat. Read our full review on Youstbale hosting.

Which Hosting Plan do I select?

I recommend selecting the Youstable DAProfessional 3-year plan that is good for all bloggers and developers in my experience, Biggner if not afford the budget then select the DAStart 1-year plan that comes to around 1,650 rupees Web hosting with a free domain. After growing, your site upgrades your plan. that’s it.

If you look for more cheap hosting then go deal with Prohosty, Myglobalhost, Hostbet, and Hostens. They all provider offer cheap web hosting but did not offer free domains. So you go with Bigrock or Godaddy to register a new domain they offer a domain for only Rs.99.

Final Word :

If are interested to need a website that reason looking for a good hosting plan then don’t worry I think Youstable is perfect for you because they offer everything your need to make a website, eg: Hosting with a free domain, free SSL, free back, free migration, hosting control panel, lite fast SSD server, 99.9% uptime 24/7 support, money back gurentee and more.

If you try to make a very heavy site and musing multiple purposes then go with WPX hosting / Best cloud hosting.

We hope you understand everything? if your answer is yes then good! otherwise, level comment below, and we reply to you.

Thanks for reading the full article,

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