How to Start a WordPress Blog Full Guide step by step

Hey, you can search for how to start a WordPress blog ..? So you are visiting for the right page because I have a share this WordPress blog starting tips full guide step by step.
How to Start a WordPress Blog Full Guide step by step

Hey, you can search for how to start a WordPress blog ..?

So you are visiting for the right page because I have a share this WordPress blog starting tips full guide step by step.

some years ago I was like you and me, I did don’t know what is a blog and how to start, but one day I search something song on google or me open a google first-page under one site and when I visit this site then sow one ad start a blog and earn online money. so I clicked this ad and read the full post and I gain a blog staring idea.

And with this blog poster, I have been sharing with you all the experience I have gained since the start of this blog.

You read this full post and create a blog under 30 minutes.

So, Let go to start …!

Create your won blog like technology, magazine, micro-niche, fun, and any other types of blogs.

What is Blog…?

The blog is an online platform like the websites we go to to find out or know about anything and gain knowledge from there are named blog. mins, when any people share any kind of experience like me, tell him the blog.

How do you share your knowledge in your blog..?

Basically, your experience or knowledge mins wich thing you perfect or choices like motorcycle repairing, technology extra experience, and more different types of the idea which thing is good or bad and how to solve anything problem. Take this experience you have to write and share on your blog.

What it Takes to Create a Blog..?

When you thinking to create your own blog so this time wich thing is most required..? Mosley creating a Blog Requires the Hosting and Domain Name.

You know what is Hosting and Domain…?

HOSTING: – Hosting is an online internet hosting service she is helping people economy to make a website get-at-able through the world web services.

DOMAIN: – domain name is an online name like “,,” that is domain. Mins when we search something online that enters pages it has shown a name such as (, is types all name is the domain name.

How to Buy Hosting & Domin..?

Simply you click on the below link and go to buy on hosting and domain in “ResellerClub” is the best hosting provider and she is provided cheapest price best hosting and domain.

If you thinking to purchases a hosting & domain so click the below link and go buy now. why I recommend this hosting company because I have used this company hosting and get up to 40% off to you clicking the below link.

Buy Hosting & Domain to get 40% Off…

How to Buy Domain and Hosting on ResellerClub

Don’t skip this because I have shared a full guide on how to purchase a domain and hosting on ResellerClub. so you flow the below information and simply buy your hosting and domain.

1 Step: – When you click on the discount link then go to open in Resellerclub Shared hosting official website page. then you choose your hosting plan (my recommend if you are a beginner so you choice ‘Shared Hosting Personal plan) and you are advance level then you choice ‘Business or Pro Plan’ select 1 of the years and click on “Buy Now” Button.

Resellerclub Hosting Buying First Process

2 Step: – when you click buy now button then show one popup this popup under types your domain name. if you can register the new domain so select ‘I want to buy a new Domain Name’ and types your domain name. and if you have already register domain so you select on ‘I already have a Domain Name’.

My cess already has bought a domain so I selected in “I already have a Domain Name” and type my domain and unselect in “Backup your Website, Secure your Website” it’s not important to the first time, next you click on “Continue to Check out” Button.

Resellerclub Domin Buying Process

3 Step: – next you click on Proceed to check out Button.

Hosting And Domain Buy On Resellerclub

4 Step: – if you already sign up so you type your username or password and click on the ‘Sign in’ button.

If you have a new customer in the Resellerclub so you click on ‘New Customer’ and fillup your all information and click on create a new account this button.

Proseed To Checkout Resellerclub Hosting

5 Step: – at last you select your payment method and fill your payment information and click the “Pay online” button.

Resellerclub Hosting Buying Paymet Info

When you completed your payment then Resellerclub has sent your order confirmation detail in your email. Within a few minutes, your account will become active.

When your hosting account is activated then your work is connecting on hosting to domain service.

Know-How to Connect Domain and Hosting…?

simply you find the Name Server in your Resellerclub information email box under. and you copy this name server and upload in your Domain DNS setting under update nameserver, and wait for a few hours.

When you hoisting and the domain is connected then the next work is installed WordPress.

How to Install WordPress…?

Go to open cPanel in your hosting account and find “Softaculous Apps” and select WordPress.

Wodrpess In Cpanel

Next, you click fillup WordPress Software Setup from.

  • first, you set the WordPress version.
  • second, choose your URL (select – http:// he is auto-redirect on https://)
  • third, type your blog site name or meta description
  • fourth, type your admin user name, password or email
  • five, you select your language
  • at last click on the “install” button.
Install Wordpress

when you clicking the install button then installing is start and after the install is complete, it will give you two links. 1- your website link, 2- your website admin panel link.

you click on the admin panel link and open your website admin panel or customize your blog.

I recommend you Monstroid-2 Premium Theme & Template Monster.

If you have any questions in the WordPress blog starting related. so give your question on the below comment box hare. and don’t forget this post to share your friend or any other person.

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