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Nimbus Capture Streaming | Instant Record vs Conventional Video Recording Method

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Nimbus Instant Record vs Conventional Video Recording

Unlike other products, Nimbus Capture provides you with two primary options for screencasting. You can record in streaming/instant mode or conventional mode.

With conventional video recording, both the recording and the processing happen on a local computer. Recording by means of streaming is a method in which both the video and audio are sent directly to Nimbus Note servers, in real-time. The servers are highly reliable since they are hosted on Amazon AWS.

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When you stop the record, the video will quickly be accessible. This is because the final uploading and processing of the video file take very little time after recording stops. Most of the time, you’ll be able to begin editing the video immediately.

Nimbus Capture Tools

Key Streaming Features in Nimbus Capture

Unlike conventional recording methods, stream recording runs on another computer. If your laptop isn’t quite powerful enough, you can leverage Nimbus Capture to avoid lengthy processing times and excessive consumption of your computer resources.

You won’t need to wait for the video to upload

When you finish recording and editing videos with many conventional tools, it’s necessary to upload them to a cloud server. If a video is large, this will take a considerable amount of time. When you use a streaming tool such as Nimbus Capture, the upload continues progressively during the recording.

Streaming videos can be easily discarded

Consider the case in which you record a video and then release it. But then, you decide that you don’t need it or don’t like it. With Nimbus, you can instantly delete it and send it to the Trash folder. If necessary, you can later recover it from there. But if you’re sure that you don’t need it, you can always empty the Trash folder and the video will be deleted

Streaming videos can be uploaded privately and publicly

The Nimbus Note platform gives you the option to upload your videos to a private workspace. Optionally, you can provide a public link to share those videos with others in the outside world.

Managing videos in your personal and team workspaces

Nimbus Note gives you the ability to create workspaces that contain folders and unlimited nested folders. You can use these workspaces exclusively for yourself alone, or choose to invite team members. If you upload a video to a shared workspace, all of the authorized team members will have access to that video.

Publish your video externally

If you upload your video and provide a public link, the URL (webpage address) is sharable with anyone. Optionally, you can set and provide a password that secures that webpage address. Anyone who wants access to that video will need to enter the password that you give them.

Nimbus Capture is more than a screen capture tool

Nimbus Capture is an integral part of the Nimbus Note platform, which means that you can use it as a standalone tool or use it together with Nimbus Note features.

Nimbus Note is an all-in-one workplace for managing all of the information, both for yourself and your team. Transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace. Empower your team to get things done faster—with fewer iterations and meetings.

Nimbus Capture Notes
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Forget about formatting problems!

One of the main issues with the old editor was note formatting. A note that looked different on, say, iPhone, compared to the Web Client, could indeed become a problem. Now the same editor will be used for all clients, which rules out such issues.

Nimbus Media Stream
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Tables and databases

The new tables deserve a special mention. Now they can rightfully be called professionals. You can assign names to columns, switch their places, combine cells, set backgrounds, and much more. It would be easier to just see for yourself. We are confident you will be happy with what you see.

Nimbus Tables And Database
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